Academia and industry working together to deliver the bio-business leaders of the future and solving the industrial research challenges of the present.

The focus of the BBTC is on biosystems engineering, an area in which the team has unique expertise and international recognition. The goal is to understand underlying biological complexity and as a consequence manipulate biological behaviour and/or realise improved whole process design.

We aim to assist industry by offering:

+ Students ready to tackle industrial challenges
+ Industrial training courses (CPD)
+ A hub offering knowledge and skills transfer
+ The opportunity to guide research

Biological understanding of cellular processes relevant to bioprocessing is far from complete, especially the impact of scale-up and mass culture on performance. Our approach is based on biological scientists, physical scientists and engineering scientists working together to enhance understanding of the process and the development chain, thereby generating expertise which can interface with the business knowledge base and lead to improved opportunities for exploitation.

‘Our staff are drawn from three faculties as interdisciplinary working is crucial to success.’

To facilitate this, the BBTC is acting as a conduit for information exchange within the University. In addition to enhancing research activities the BBTC bridges the gap between University based research and the taking up of technology by industry.

The BBTC will establish a unifying umbrella for biologists, modellers, engineers, and chemists to undertake research and knowledge transfer, and through the provide interdisciplinary training in disciplines relevant to bioprocessing at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Rapid advances in the application of post-genomic technologies and process analytical technologies have resulted in an information explosion that the Centre is well placed to exploit to the full. Combining different approaches enables us to bridge the gap between understanding sub-cellular and small scale biological processes characterised by modern molecular approaches, and production platforms which operate at larger scales.

The research output of the BBTC is a growing set of tools and strategies:

+ Analytical
+ Cell Engineering Bioprocessing
+ Biosystems Understanding
+ Whole Bioprocess Design.

These enable the biopharmaceutical development process to be undertaken in a more efficient manner, as a result of a greater depth of understanding.

A commonly encountered limitation is a lack of, insufficient, or inherent difficulties in communication at the interfaces of biosystems development, scale-up engineering, and engineering and development of downstream processing capabilities. Often these limitations lead to the application of tools in isolation of fundamental bioscience and engineering resulting in sub-optimal solutions that lack clarity and robustness.

At a regional level the Centre has formal links with One North East, Newcastle Science City, and the Centres of Excellence including Centre for Process Innovation and the Centre of Excellence in Life Sciences.

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